Business Opportunities

Unique business and investment opportunities within Australia - serious enquiries welcome

Through our business advisory services, we encounter several unique opportunities for companies seeking growth via acquisition or shrewd investors searching for investment options. A few examples appear below –

Award winning roofing system with global potential provides a roof + insulation + electricity + hot water:

  • Designed, patented and distributed by an Australian company, this unique system will not crack, dent or corrode; it comes with a 30 year warranty, can withstand 300km per hour winds and is architecturally appealing

  • Made from lightweight composite material that improves the sustainability of the building, the solar PV cells and solar hot water collectors are integrated in to the roof; hot water may be used for domestic purposes, pool heating or indoor heating
  • This system turns a roof from a passive asset in to a money making asset whilst increasing the value of the property whether residential or commercial; a superb alternative for schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc
  • The world’s first integrated solar roofing system has a highly competent and experienced management team in place
  • An initial investment of AU$720,000 is sought in exchange for shares; subsequent funding and equity is subject to negotiation

Compelling opportunity to participate in the acquisition and merger of two superior rural properties situated in one of Australia’s highest producing dairy regions:

  • Demand from China and South East Asian nations for high quality milk products is expanding; this demand, coupled with the introduction of state-of-the-art processing facilities achieving significantly lower labour costs, should ensure the long term success of this venture

  • The aggregated business will aim to be amongst the top 10% of farm managers and insulated as far as possible from large local retailers
  • This investment should appeal to (i) overseas investors seeking to gain permanent residency/citizenship in Australia or (ii) international importers of UHT milk seeking sustainable high quality long term supply or (iii) passive investors seeking to benefit from the dynamic  changes in the Australian dairy industry
  • An excellent and highly experienced management team is in place; experience includes marketing into China and South East Asia
  • An investment of AU$7 million is required, the terms of which are subject to negotiation and may comprise straight equity or a mix of equity and a convertible note arrangement
  • A detailed Information Memorandum is available on request

Australian researchers develop a medical device that will be the foundation for a paradigm shift in the treatment of amblyopia:

  • ‘Lazy eye’ (properly known as amblyopia) is an eye disorder; it involves decreased vision in an eye that otherwise appears normal and where the brain partially or wholly ignores input from that eye

  • Australian researchers have developed a prototype medical device that is currently undergoing testing (i.e: proof of concept); an application for a provisional patent has already been made and the inventors are keen to remain with the project in a technical/advisory role
  • It is generally acknowledged that not less than 3% of the world’s population suffers from amblyopia – a potential market of more than 210 million people (estimated at over 9 million in the United States of America alone or 18 million amongst ASEAN nations)
  • An initial investment of AU$550K is required to advance the R&D; a further investment of approximately AU$1.65 million will be required to commercialise the invention
  • A detailed Information Memorandum is available on request

Commercialisation of a Queensland based aquaculture venture with significant domestic and export market opportunities:

  • The Queensland aquaculture industry currently benefits from substantial research and development expertise in the fields of aquaculture, marine science, marine engineering and biotechnology
  • This includes scientific knowledge to improve feed conversion rates, increase average weight, reduce risk of mortality and disease and  expand into additional species
  • The sale includes freehold property, operating equipment and the intellectual property;
    an experienced and well qualified management team is in place
  • Minimum investment is AU$1.5 million + working capital

Please contact us for more information on these and other opportunities.